We do infrastructures.

Our services

Your infrastructure with our operations services.
Continuous integration
Automatic deployment
Environment configuration and optimization
Maintenance and
24/7 monitoring

Our continuous integration systems support our customers to merge only quality source code to the production branch, we provide our customers a set of analysis steps, like static-code analysis, security tests or unit and integration tests.

We use a wide set of technologies, like Jenkins, GitHub Actions, Bitbucket Pipelines, Travis. These technologies are fully integrated with source-code repository.

Our continuous integration systems ensure that whenever developers push code into the source repository, we automatically test the code quality and style to verify the merge.

Using tools such as Jenkins, Travis, CircleCI and Codeship we can check for changes between the code repository and the build server every few minutes. Once changes are detected, the tool can send them to the build server for automatic deployment.
The result is a code integration process that’s both faster and more reliable.

We help our customers with complete systems maintenance, infrastructure costs optimization, systems configuration and we share our expertise to choose the best technology for the very specific use-case.

We have a comprehensive knowledge on various technologies, starting with virtualization like Proxmox, libvirt and Xen, moving through cloud solutions like Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure, ending on containers and orchestrators like Docker, Kubernetes, DCOS, Apache Mesos or Docker Swarm.

We support our customers with building and maintaining high-quality, service-oriented monitoring. We design monitoring that is oriented to the business-model and the very specific use-case. 

We have an expertise in a very wide set of technologies, like Prometheus, Datadog, Sensu or Sysdig. Supporting our customers, we choose best-technology for the specific budget and needs.


We are experts so you don't have to.
  • Years of experience, you can trust.
  • Thousands of hours spent in front of the console.
  • Hundreds of technologies in your hands.


We do what we care about.
  • Trust team that takes responsibility.
  • We care about your project and your goals.
  • Our dedicated team will help you relax.


They say time is money, we will save you both.
  • We are never late; we will not let your business to leave behind.
  • Our automation systems save you hours of time.
  • More for you and more business, less for troubles.


We support customers with knowledge and best practices on infrastructures.



We deliver highly technical training sessions in a variety of areas.



We perform audits in white-box and black-box formulas. 


What client say

  • sysdogs is not just an another software company who claims to do DevOps. They are enthusiasts with many years of experience in the field of System Administration, Infrastructure, Network and Security who loves what they do. They are real professionals, act as real partner who is ready to advise and is not afraid of pointing your mistakes. If you have any need in DevOps area – they should be your first choice!

    Karol Wiszowaty
    COO, Inspeerity
  • At every moment of our cooperation, our wishes and expectations were met and exceeded by the sysdogs team. Thanks to their knowledge in the creation of our new cloud infrastructure, we have created a foundation for scalable and secure network applications. A pro-customer approach at every stage of implementation makes cooperation with sysdogs a real pleasure.
    Tymoteusz Wiśniowski
    Manager, ROLV Group Sp. z o.o.
  • Professionalism, partnership and high-quality. We can surely say, sysdogs one of the most experienced company in Poland, if we speak about security, contenerization and Kubernetes. They deeply integrate in development process, understand the business needs and really automate all the things. Anything in DevOps and DevSecOps areas – only sysdogs!

    Maciej Gastoł
    Chief Executive Officer, Going. Sp. z o.o.

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