Satellite Company Platform Mangement

Amazon Web Services Infrastructure Architecture

Big Stocks analysis platform management

Kubernetes Security Audit

Security information and event management

Container security training

The Team

Stanisław Szymański

Systems Engineer

The best fit for my title would be IT Handyman - been there, done that... Now I'm here, working on what I found most interesting - infrastructure, and the clouds.

Kamil Zabielski

Chief Executive Officer

Protects Linux-based operating systems and services for the last two years. I know your Linux server root password. Do not sniff my talks if you do not understand binary.

Kamil Szczygieł

Chief Technology Officer

Engineer with over ten years of experience. Responsible for team of operations engineers and the quality of delivered services.

Anna Zabielska

Chief Financial Officer

Mathematician and statistician. Responsible for financial standing and long-term planning strategies to maintain the growth of the company.