2022-05-18 | By Artur Spychalla | In Code

What is Terraform Kubernetes provider and how to use it?

A year ago I had to pass the engineering thesis. I decided to create a Kubernetes cluster in the Azure - Microsoft cloud computing platform. The main objectives were the time of implementation and lack of complexity, because I had only $100 on the student subscription and I had to delete my resources after my workday. However.. let's go to the point. I decided to use Terraform Kubernetes provider to create every resource I needed: K8s cluster, namespaces, deployments, services, etc.. You may think why I didn't use dedicated tools like Helm Chart or ArgoCD. The reason is simple: time of…

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2022-04-22 | By Stanisław Szymański | In Code

The Fight of Giants - Ansible vs Salt

As you've already noticed, this article is pitting Ansible [1] against Salt [2] , in an epic fight for your attention. But this is not a kind of fight you'd expect - no blood, tears, nor winner or loser. The only thing I'd want to accomplish here, is to help you understand both tools enough, to pick your own favourite when the time comes. Don't expect a clear answer at the end - "Salt is bad, go Ansible only" or "Ansible sucks, use Salt instead" - but I hope, that after you'll read this article, you'll be able to choose which side will you take, on your own. You ready? Great, let's begin…

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2022-02-28 | By Dawid Butrykowski | In Code

Yet another comparison of CI/CD products on the market

On the market, we have a lot of options when it comes to CI and CD toolkit. Open source, freemium, paid… Enterprise model, self-managed, software as a service… We could count them indefinitely, assigning certain product or solution names to the right groups. A true abundance of tools, and even greater abundance of articles, comparing those against each other. So, why would i write yet another comparison article if there's already plenty of those? The answer is simple. I couldn't find any good article about features comparing 3 or 4 most often recommended solutions. So, here we are, to help…

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2022-02-21 | By Artur Spychalla | In Code

How to deploy Kubernetes Dashboard?

If you are working with K8s, you probably faced the problem of monitoring the entire cluster: pods, services, etc. There are a lot of resources to keep an eye on. Kubernetes Dashboard is the official web-based application, using which you can troubleshoot your containers and take a look at applications running on your cluster. Moreover, using Dashboard, you can easily restart a pod, scale a deployment or deploy a new application using deploy wizard - and it can also be deployed on cloud-based clusters: AWS (EKS), Azure (AKS), GCP (GKE). A quick rundown of Dashboard categories Workloads In…

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