Meet our Junior DevOps - Artur Spychalla

2022-07-19|By Przemysław Zieliński|Sysdogs Team

Maybe he is Junior DevOps, but he is for sure a mature team player. Meet Artur Spychalla!

What counts more in DevOps work: energy and youth or calmness and experience?

It's hard to answer unequivocally. A Junior DevOps is going to face problems that will firstly annoy him to the extreme and then drain him of all energy. Experience is an invaluable asset that always counts. In my opinion, it's the calmness and experience that count more in working as DevOps, but you can't get into monotony, you can't get "jaded." Therefore, energy is also important.

Does experience from working on a helpdesk help in working as DevOps?

It all depends on what kind of helpdesk you gained experience on. I am of the opinion that every job teaches us something. Working on a helpdesk in the right place would definitely help in working as DevOps. In my case, the experience I gained in this position does not help me in my work as DevOps.

Artur Spychalla

Artur Spychalla

What DevOps tasks bore you the most?

In my opinion, no tasks should bore us. I divide them more into tasks that are more or less interesting (but never boring). The more interesting ones are about something I don't know yet. The least interesting are the bug analysis tasks, usually together with programmers. Error analysis is just hard, but it also teaches a lot, including about the application and infrastructure.

How do you become the best DevOps person in the world (or at least in Poland)?

I think you have to put in a lot of work after work, which I understand as self-education. Working as a DevOps is a constant learning process, because technologies are constantly changing. Even the best DevOps in the world, if they stop learning and rely on their experience will eventually be left behind. That's why it's worth learning after work, but I think the most important factor in becoming one of the best DevOps is passion. There is no better driving force than the fulfillment and enjoyment of what you do.

What do you usually look forward to?

New projects. If projects are nearing completion or we've reached our goals and the project slows down a bit, I look forward to the next one. I don't like not having something to do.

Thank you!

As you may see, in our team we cleverly combine youth with experience. Such mix allows us to tackle IT and cybersecurity challenges from various angles and skilfully find surprising solutions. If you wish to learn more about Artur’s professional bio, click here.

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