Meet our DevOps Engineer - Bartłomiej Kałuża

2022-08-24|By Przemysław Zieliński|Sysdogs Team

Here is another wizard in our DevOps circle. Does he use spells instead of commands and does he prefer runes to lines of code - find out in our conversation with Bartłomiej Kałuża, DevOps Engineer.

Your favourite magic trick as a DevOps wizard is...

I don't actually have a favourite trick. It's more a product of current needs and acceptable solutions. Some of the tricks are one-offs, others evolve into standard practice and then they are no longer just a trick, but a full-fledged spell.

What is at the top of your list of good practices?

Automation and codification but within common sense. If I need to do something once a year, and it doesn't take me more than three to five minutes to do it, I can leave it as a manual task. But if I only need to do something more than 3 times in a year, and the execution procedure contains more than 3 steps, then it is a definite candidate for codification. Something like that legendary coffee brewing script.

Bartłomiej Kałuża

Bartłomiej Kałuża

What character trait is necessary to be a good DevOps?

First and foremost, a good DevOps should be self-confident. If he believes in his solutions, he will be able to convince others. And, to be honest, if sometimes this confidence verges on arrogance, this is not a problem at all, and sometimes the only way out.

What would you kick your best DevOps person off your team for?

For deliberately creating problems. It destroys the team.

The game you will never play is...

This is not such a simple question at all. I probably won't play a lot of games if only because I don't have time for them or haven't even heard of them. I'm certainly not a fan of RTS, the genre doesn't sit well with me at all. Purely out of chronic duty (after all, it's a legend of the industry) I didn't play Starcraft until... 2020.

Thank you!

The strength of our team is diversity. That's why, on a daily basis at sysdogs, we make sure that each person working for us has enough space to fully develop their skills and be able to express themselves. We believe that in doing so, we build an inspiring atmosphere that further motivates our team to work creatively and tackle challenges in an original way.

Through our next conversation, you will find out what other uncommon personalities build the sysdogs team.