2021-07-05 | By Incognito Redacted | In Cloud

What are the pros and cons of Azure native monitoring solution?

Azure [1] is a Microsoft cloud computing platform that provides everything a business might need to run a part, or all of its computing operations virtually - including servers, storage, databases, networking, analytics and more. Microsoft Azure competes with similar services from Amazon (AWS) and Google (GCP). The Azure cloud platform has more than 200 products and cloud services, designed to help you bring new solutions to life, solve today's challenges and create the future. Having so many cloud based products and services, Microsoft had to design and implement common observability…

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2022-06-29 | By Przemysław Zieliński | In Cloud

Sysdogs as AWS Partner

The end crowns the work - and it is the perfect punch line to sum up our efforts that ended with success. Ended with granting us the title of official AWS Partner. Why is it so good news for you and for us? First things first: what is AWS? Before we get to the most interesting things, a classic introduction is necessary. Not everyone may know what AWS stands for. Therefore, we will start our article with this. Behind these three letters is the Amazon Web Services. As the official definition states, AWS is " the world's most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform, offering over 20…

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