2021-08-19 | By Kamil Szczygieł | In Code

Automating Terraform updates with Dependabot

If you are working with Terraform, for sure, you are familiar with modules. The ability to reuse the pieces of code across codebase allows you to reduce the amount of repetition, keep compliance and gradually control breaking change introduction. But there is one major issue with modules - once your amount of modules and their usage grows, it is very difficult to keep track of which version of module is used where. In this article, I will walk you through one of the solutions to this problem. Dependabot Dependabot [1] creates pull requests to keep your dependencies up-to-date and secure…

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2020-10-19 | By Kamil Szczygieł | In Code

Are there any Terraform tools worth using?

Testing your code, adherence to agreed standards, and verification of compliance towards security guidelines, is crucial for building high-quality infrastructures. You should apply these principles to infrastructure code, to keep it predictable and reliable. In this article, we will go through tools for continuous integration and local development that we, at sysdogs, use daily, and we highly recommend you to incorporate them into your workflow. Continuous Integration Continuous Integration is an essential part of code development. Terraform is not a special citizen - it should be validated…

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2020-10-12 | By Kamil Szczygieł | In Code

How to structure Terraform code for scale?

Terraform is one of the most popular tools to describe infrastructure as code. Being able to incorporate typical software development patterns into infrastructure results in better predictability, higher quality, and lowers the chance of a human error. You can implement continuous integration pipelines that will ensure that the infrastructure code is properly structured, follows all coding guidelines and security compliance requirements in your organization. To go even further, you can develop unit tests to increase the chance of finding an error before it will be applied to the real…

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2020-10-04 | By Kamil Szczygieł | In Code

What are the common things to watch out for with Terraform?

Delivering high-quality Terraform code is something we are proud of doing at sysdogs on our daily basis. Through the past years, we have gained a lot of knowledge and experience doing that for a variety of customers all over the world, from a variety of industries, trying to do our best to support other teams with best-quality infrastructures. This article's intention is to be a comprehensive list of bullet points, pinning things that should be avoided. This is a completely blameless post though, try to keep it as a checklist of things you should keep in mind while writing Terraform code. Use…

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