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2022-07-06 | By Przemysław Zieliński | In Sysdogs Team

Meet our DevOps Team Lead - Michał Mańkowski

He is our DevOps Team Lead. He is our Terraform expert. He is our AWS virtuoso. Meet Michał Mańkowski! For companies, there is no future without migrating to the cloud? It's getting harder and harder to disagree with that. Even small companies with small applications are moving toward the cloud. Why? It's easier for them to maintain than praying to 1 VM or server and begging for everything to work. Today, if your website doesn't work for half a day, you're losing tangible benefits. You’re losing customers and their trust. We need everything right now, right here, right now. If you can't make…

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2022-07-19 | By Przemysław Zieliński | In Sysdogs Team

Meet our Junior DevOps - Artur Spychalla

Maybe he is Junior DevOps, but he is for sure a mature team player. Meet Artur Spychalla! What counts more in DevOps work: energy and youth or calmness and experience? It's hard to answer unequivocally. A Junior DevOps is going to face problems that will firstly annoy him to the extreme and then drain him of all energy. Experience is an invaluable asset that always counts. In my opinion, it's the calmness and experience that count more in working as DevOps, but you can't get into monotony, you can't get "jaded." Therefore, energy is also important. Does experience from working on a helpdesk…

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