February 2021

2021-02-05 | By Stanisław Szymański | In Security

How people hack themselves with dotgit?

In the twisted times of modern technology era it is often unsafe to assume, that you're safe. Today's topic is .git - one of the primary examples, how you can accidentaly hack yourself by an extremely simple, even trivial, overlook. We will explain, what is .git directory, how it can be used by the attacker to run away with a copy of your code, how to spot such vulnerabilities in your infrastructure, and what should be done to keep the danger away. What is .git ? .git [1] is a directory, native to Git [2] , the most popular version control system to date. Put simply, Git uses .git…

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2021-02-01 | By Kamil Zabielski | In Column

What were the higlights of pandemic year?

What were the highlights of pandemic year? The last year was the very first year for sysdogs, and we were so... lucky to get right into the pandemic. According to the Central Statistic Office in Poland [ 1 ][ 2 ][ 3 ], over thirty percent of companies fail in the very first year of operation. Our company works in the IT / IT Security sector, so naturally, we love metrics. Data, especially when properly interpreted, is something that tells you that you're either moving in a right or wrong direction. Sincerely, it is the only truly objective source of feedback about your performance, possible…

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