February 2022

2022-02-21 | By Artur Spychalla | In Code

How to deploy Kubernetes Dashboard?

If you are working with K8s, you probably faced the problem of monitoring the entire cluster: pods, services, etc. There are a lot of resources to keep an eye on. Kubernetes Dashboard is the official web-based application, using which you can troubleshoot your containers and take a look at applications running on your cluster. Moreover, using Dashboard, you can easily restart a pod, scale a deployment or deploy a new application using deploy wizard - and it can also be deployed on cloud-based clusters: AWS (EKS), Azure (AKS), GCP (GKE). A quick rundown of Dashboard categories Workloads In…

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2022-02-28 | By Dawid Butrykowski | In Code

Yet another comparison of CI/CD products on the market

On the market, we have a lot of options when it comes to CI and CD toolkit. Open source, freemium, paid… Enterprise model, self-managed, software as a service… We could count them indefinitely, assigning certain product or solution names to the right groups. A true abundance of tools, and even greater abundance of articles, comparing those against each other. So, why would i write yet another comparison article if there's already plenty of those? The answer is simple. I couldn't find any good article about features comparing 3 or 4 most often recommended solutions. So, here we are, to help…

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