May 2022

2022-05-18 | By Artur Spychalla | In Code

What is Terraform Kubernetes provider and how to use it?

A year ago I had to pass the engineering thesis. I decided to create a Kubernetes cluster in the Azure - Microsoft cloud computing platform. The main objectives were the time of implementation and lack of complexity, because I had only $100 on the student subscription and I had to delete my resources after my workday. However.. let's go to the point. I decided to use Terraform Kubernetes provider to create every resource I needed: K8s cluster, namespaces, deployments, services, etc.. You may think why I didn't use dedicated tools like Helm Chart or ArgoCD. The reason is simple: time of…

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2022-05-30 | By Artur Spychalla | In Code

Cloudflare Access - protect your application from unauthorized access

Usually, web applications are accessible for everyone. You can visit any website without any additional authentication. Sometimes, you want to hide your app from unauthorized users. You can host it locally or set up on-premises environments without public endpoints. It's also a way out, but honestly you can do it better. First, I would like to introduce Cloudflare Access [1] . It's a service provided by Cloudflare Zero Trust Platform [2] , which helps you to avoid data loss, malware and phishing. You can use it to work with your identity providers and endpoints protection platforms to enforce…

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