August 2022

2022-08-18 | By Łukasz Kopicki | In Code

Interacting with the Github API - a how-to guide

GitHub is in fact one of the best collaboration platforms with the Git Verison Control System at its heart. Nowadays, GitHub is not only used by IT teams but also by people not directly related to the IT area, like book writers, researchers and many others. However, in this article I will not explain what GitHub is and what it is used for. Instead, I will focus on automating some of the everyday use cases relating to GitHub. Simple or not? At first glance GitHub seems easy to use… You go to the Github website, create an account (if you don't already have one), create a repository, clone it…

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2022-08-24 | By Przemysław Zieliński | In Sysdogs Team

Meet our DevOps Engineer - Bartłomiej Kałuża

Here is another wizard in our DevOps circle. Does he use spells instead of commands and does he prefer runes to lines of code - find out in our conversation with Bartłomiej Kałuża, DevOps Engineer. Your favourite magic trick as a DevOps wizard is... I don't actually have a favourite trick. It's more a product of current needs and acceptable solutions. Some of the tricks are one-offs, others evolve into standard practice and then they are no longer just a trick, but a full-fledged spell. What is at the top of your list of good practices? Automation and codification but within common sense. If I…

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