DevOps as a Service vs DevOps Body leasing

2022-09-20|By Przemysław Zieliński|Sysdogs Team

Here's why the DevOps as a Service model is better for your business.

When choosing a DevOps company to work with, it is worth paying attention not only to the competence of the team or its previous implementations. Equally important for the quality of the cooperation is its model.

We at sysdogs use DevOps as a Service. And this is the model we recommend to you. Why?

Before we get to the explanation of why we have chosen DevOps as a Service in particular, it is still necessary to take care to objectively present the other models of cooperation with DevOps companies. This will also allow us to highlight even more clearly the advantages of our chosen solution. So let's start by presenting both models.

What is DevOps as a Service?

In a nutshell, it is the migration of tools and processes to a hosted virtual platform. The delivery pipeline folds into a single force, where developers, testers and operations specialists work together as one expert. This allows a significant part of the deployment process to be automated.

The DevOps as a Service method is the quintessential DevOps culture. This is because it assumes the removal of organisational barriers between IT maintenance specialists and developers. It emphasises comprehensive skills, the promotion of relentless collaboration between teams and ubiquitous automation, which translates into better quality of work.

What is DevOps as body leasing?

It is, in other words, hiring by the hour. Without having to recruit, you can hire a specialist available at the time you are interested in. Candidates are proposed to us on the basis of the job description we submit or the needs presented. The criterion for selecting such a person is whether the technologies he or she uses fit the challenge we face. Body Leasing covers a varied period of time - it allows us to work together on projects lasting several months, as well as long-term cooperation, one in which there is no declared end date.

DevOps as a Service vs DevOps Body leasing

DevOps as a Service vs DevOps Body leasing

Service vs. Body leasing

This brief overview gives us a good idea of the basic differences between the two models. So it's time to move on to a direct confrontation and honestly consider which DevOps collaboration option is more effective.

Spoiler alert: DevOps as a Service wins.
In the model we use, the entire DevOps team is involved for the benefit of your company. Specialists from different disciplines work together to tackle the reported challenge as quickly and efficiently as possible. When you decide to hire one specialist, well - you have one specialist involved. And you are limited to that one specialist.

Team DevOps as a service means that many people form one strong organism. An organism strong with the talents and skills of individual specialists. This approach is based on the idea of creating multidisciplinary teams whose members can interchangeably apply their skills to smoothly solve the problems they encounter. The result is a seamless progression of your project. You cannot count on such fluidity when one particular hired specialist is responsible for your IT project. To use football terminology, DevOps as a Service is two equal eleven teams ready to fight for the championship. DevOps body leasing is a very, very short bench of substitutes.

Let's now look at how the working methods differ in the two models. DevOps as a Service is working in the cloud and using advanced tools like AWS

(sysdogs is an official AWS partner


This gives DevOps direct and immediate insight into your infrastructure. This shortens the work and saves you time and commitment. You do not have to constantly answer questions or provide explanations. It is different with body leasing, where a hired specialist has to learn everything from scratch. This takes up his or her time, contributes to the length of the entire project and involves you or your employees.

Working in the cloud - the basis of the DevOps as a Service model - brings other benefits. You also see the progress of the work. You see in real time. This means that you can report feedback, ask for corrections. That you can stop the work when you see it going in the wrong direction. You will not be surprised by anything. In terms of body leasing, you get your knowledge of the progress of the work from post reports. You are discussing and analysing the work that has already been done - not the work that is ALREADY being done. Therefore, if you want to make corrections, it takes more time. And it's even time wasting - because any corrections require undoing the progress already made.

And didn't we say that DevOps as a service would triumph?

This is how it is at sysdogs

Now that we know the general advantages of the DevOps as a service working model, let's conclude the text with how this model works for our team and how it is used by us when working with clients in areas such as fintech, crypto or ecommerce:

  • powerful support - all sysdogs expert team works continuously on your project

  • better and more precise solutions - our team can see and understand about what’s happening behind the scenes

  • costs reduction – we can effectively reduce the number of unplanned tasks and have better detection of software failures

  • time saving - automation of operations allows sysdogs DevOps to accelerate delivery your infrastructure and application

  • easier and more effective management - wide variety of tools for cloud-based architecture and real-time monitoring that are used by us allows you to effectively manage our work

  • faster feedback – you can give us your feedback during each stage of the build, test, and deploy cycle. And your feedback matters to us as it allows us to speed releases and push quality control closer to the source