Meet our DevOps Team Lead - Michał Mańkowski

2022-07-06|By Przemysław Zieliński|Sysdogs Team

He is our DevOps Team Lead. He is our Terraform expert. He is our AWS virtuoso. Meet Michał Mańkowski!

For companies, there is no future without migrating to the cloud?

It's getting harder and harder to disagree with that. Even small companies with small applications are moving toward the cloud. Why? It's easier for them to maintain than praying to 1 VM or server and begging for everything to work. Today, if your website doesn't work for half a day, you're losing tangible benefits. You’re losing customers and their trust. We need everything right now, right here, right now. If you can't make your services available 99.9% of the time, your customer will find an alternative. No matter what industry your company is in.

What do you do to avoid working after hours?

Actually, this is the wrong question in my direction, because sometimes I do work after hours. But my general good advice is to get everything right from the beginning. It's not worth building any quick fix. There are times when we are chased by deadlines and there is no other way out, but if there is time, it is worth making the most of it.

Michał Mańkowski

Michał Mańkowski

What customer request will you never fulfill?

I will never publicly display an unsecured endpoint with sensitive data. Also, nothing from old monitoring tools like Nagios (who remembers this one understands). Also, I will never put anything on Windows either, because I don't know anything about it.

Do you happen to know better than the customer what she or he needs?

Sometimes yes, although I'm not an oracle as to what is right or wrong. Occasionally, however, I have the feeling that the product is nice, but the cloud was not perfectly tailored for it. And this could be changed relatively quickly by making the necessary improvements. Yet the customer doesn't always feel that we want to do well for them, so he thinks it is not worth taking the time to make additional modifications.

Your professional motto is…

And why is that?

Thank you!

This is the beginning of our news series in which we introduce to your our Sysdogs crew. But we do it in our special way – so you can see that our team is not made of high-class experts, but also of interesting, multidimensional people. Stay tuned for more profiles!

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