Sysdogs as AWS Partner

2022-06-29|By Przemysław Zieliński|Cloud

The end crowns the work - and it is the perfect punch line to sum up our efforts that ended with success. Ended with granting us the title of official AWS Partner. Why is it so good news for you and for us?

First things first: what is AWS?

Before we get to the most interesting things, a classic introduction is necessary. Not everyone may know what AWS stands for. Therefore, we will start our article with this. Behind these three letters is the Amazon Web Services. As the official definition states, AWS is " the world's most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform, offering over 200 fully featured services from data centers globally." The creators of AWS boast that it offers significantly more services, and more features within those services, than any other cloud provider- from infrastructure technologies.

It's also worth noting that AWS is not only more in terms of quality, but more in terms of capabilities. Using AWS, you can be sure that you have the widest variety of databases at your disposal, from which you can choose those best suited to the application you are developing. This allows you to achieve the optimal cost with the highest productivity.

Sysdogs partner with AWS: what does that mean?

You may have already sensed that the AWS brand is a pretty big deal. Big enough that becoming an official AWS partner is extremely difficult. A company that wants to boast such a distinction has to meet a number of criteria and prove that indeed the level of its services, as well as the knowledge and skills of its team strongly stand out from the market standard. All this makes AWS Partner a game-changer for anyone who wants to modernize one's business, take it into an innovative new territory, or expand the company's solutions.

So if we as sysdogs have earned the title of AWS Partner, it means we have met the exacting criteria. It means you can count on us as a trusted partner, ready to provide you with groundbreaking, relevant and reliable solutions to help your business grow. We're ready to provide innovative and cost-effective scalable cloud solutions and capabilities for your organization. We'll help you keep pace with cutting edge technology changes.

An AWS partner is a premium expert

However, before you check us out in collaboration on services such as cloud/on-premise architecture, infrastructure/compliance as code or containerization, you may not be sure if AWS certification really means anything. For the sake of argument, here are a few examples of the great work AWS partners do every day:

  • improved customer experience with personalized interactions and using automation to cut costs by 30-40%
  • an AI solution was created to identify sperm whale tails with 97.5% accuracy, helping researchers better understand sperm whale migration patterns
  • gas distribution company completes cloud migration in just three months
  • company reduced its annual maintenance costs by more than a third

Just a quick glance at the list of successful case studies shows that with a partner specializing in AWS, you can achieve a lot. And the list of successful case studies is long. Very long.

Last but not least

The entire Sysdogs team is satisfied with being named an AWS partner. This is not only the culmination of a long certification process. It is also a real confirmation of the rightness of our development strategy. From the very beginning of Sysdogs' operations, we have focused on our development. Trainings, courses, exercises, industry articles - it all pays off now.

And for you our partnership with AWS will pay off. We can provide you with Proof of Concept based on AWS for free. And if in cooperation with us you want to use AWS services, we will offer you a solid discount.