Join the Team!

Join the Team!

Do infrastructures with us!

Who we are?

At Sysdogs, we're looking for people like us - ambitious, high-quality professionals with passion for what they do. We are committed to helping clients around the world shape their businesses, and providing them with the highest level of service. We are a dynamically developing company for which nothing is impossible.


Flexible working hours

Your working hours will be adjusted according to your needs, preferences and availability. Work from any place with an internet connection in the world!

International Projects

We work with many clients all over the world. Financial industry, e-commerce, software houses, corporations of any size...

Career progressing

Each new project, is a new opportunity to gain experience and knowledge - we are not afraid of challenges.

Latest technologies

Learn new skills, train yourself, accomplish goals, earn certificates, gain expertise - we will provide a promising career path for you.

Our Projects

Meet Our Team

Kamil Zabielski's photo

Kamil Zabielski

Chief Executive Officer

Ten years of experience in DevOps/DevSecOps, Cloud infrastructure, and protecting Linux servers. I know your root password. Do not sniff my talks if you do not understand binary.

Kamil Szczygieł's photo

Kamil Szczygieł

Chief Technology Officer

Engineer with over ten years of experience. Responsible for team of operations engineers and the quality of delivered services.

Anna Zabielska's photo

Anna Zabielska

Chief Financial Officer

Mathematician and statistician. Responsible for financial standing and long-term planning strategies to maintain the growth of the company.

Łukasz Corn's photo

Łukasz Corn

Head of DevOps

I'm a troll. Seriously.

Adam Dróżdż's photo

Adam Dróżdż

DevOps Team Lead

Big believer in innovative technology. Focused on adoption of DevOps culture, automation and monitoring.

Michał Mańkowski's photo

Michał Mańkowski

DevOps Team Lead

DevOps with primary background in Terraform and Kubernetes. Working mainly on AWS with all scripts languages possible, providing best solutions suited for clients.

Agnieszka Kućma's photo

Agnieszka Kućma

Project Manager

Crazy cat lady. No.1 values are people and diversity - every team member should feel great at work. All my projects are managed with LOOOOOVEEEEE.

Michał Święcicki's photo

Michał Święcicki

UI/UX Designer

Installed photoshop once, and then things happened. Working since I was 19, playing with UI/UX for the past two years.

Dawid Butrykowski's photo

Dawid Butrykowski

DevOps Engineer

DevOps with primary background in development and management of CI/CD circles. Deepening the knowledge of infrastructure bound to public/hybrid clouds, and everything that has script in name.

Artur Spychalla's photo

Artur Spychalla

Junior DevOps Engineer

3 years of experience in serious IT, started the adventure from Helpdesk position. For the past year, lively interested in DevOps - went this way, won't stop now.

Rafał Nowicki's photo

Rafał Nowicki

Junior DevOps Engineer

Experienced in Ops and Net, bit of Dev, not afraid of combining those three to create best possible solution. Fluent in Azure, but also in bare metal, automating what is possible using Salt and Python. Always trying to improve both infrastructure and himself.

These are not the job offers you are looking for?

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