Project Bulldog

Project Bulldog

Global media services provider.


This Sysdogs client wishes to remain anonymous. Some parts of this document, including the name, were appropriately adjusted to honor this request.
The client already had their own collocations, trusted partners… But lacked an automated process, which would allow management of environments dispersed throughout the world.
Leveraging the combined powers of public Cloud and on-premise infrastructure, in conjunction with well established tools used in a non-conventional way, we've built a hybrid center of operation, allowing the Client to manage their on-premise servers contained in data-centers around the globe, from a single, secure place.

Amazon Web Services

AWS was chosen, due to customer demand, their team expertise, solution stability and ease of scaling into different regions.

Regions of operation


When we have approached the Client, there was no abstraction of any kind implemented - everything was based solely on the on-premise model. Any scaling or resource modification was made manually, by an employee driving to the data-center and processing the changes. No automation of any kind, or proper deployment processes set up. Everything done by hand.
How we started?

First steps we took, were to automate the deployment process for all rack cabinet components - creation of an abstraction layer, documenting everything that should be contained within such cabinet, how should those components be configured. We have also automated the virtualization process based upon Proxmox hypervisor, and all the elements linked to this process.

Setting up the Cloud as a management center, allowing to safely control the on-premise infrastructure, executing deployments (iPXE), and taking care of the logging, monitoring, and backup needs.

We have prepared a redesign of old infrastructure components, in cooperation with the developers, and with special regards for cloud-native methodology, efficiency, and the scaling simplicity.

Design of an infrastructure and incident reaction system on a global scale, with centralized alerting system gathering different metrics and data from different sources.

Unfortunately, the global SARS-COV-2 pandemic has interrupted the project.

Problems we encountered

iPXE cannot work with public IP address pool, it has to be private. Each new host also had to be able to access an iPXE server - that sounds easy, but those hosts were actually dynamically generated. A special "kick-start" file had to be generated for each machine automatically, and there were a lot of details to keep track of - the names of each new host for example.

Success! What's happening now?

The Collaboration has been completed. We have finished the tasks and handed over all activities to the client.

Special Focus

The services had to be absolutely, perfectly reliable. Any incident or malfunction has to be immediately reported, or even predicatively alerted on, to possibly prevent it from interrupting the services. Such level of dependability requires the use of only well established, trusted and verified tools.


"Professionalism, partnership and high-quality. We can surely say, Sysdogs is one of the most experienced companies in Poland, when speaking about security, contenerization and Kubernetes. They are deeply integrated in development process, understand the business needs and really automate all the things. Anything in DevOps and DevSecOps areas - only sysdogs!"

- Maciej Gastol

CEO, Going. Sp. z o.o.

"sysdogs is not just an another software company which claims to do DevOps. They are a team of enthusiasts with many years of experience in the field of System Administration, Infrastructure, Network and Security that loves what they do. They are real professionals, act as a real partner who is ready to advise and is not afraid of pointing your mistakes. If you have any needs in DevOps area - they should be your first choice!"

- Karol Wiszowaty

COO, Inspeerity

"Choosing the right team for cooperation is not simple. In case of a dynamic business like ours, we wanted our partner to also meet a number of specific requirements. It turned out that the sysdogs team fit perfectly. Many months of cooperation have shown us, that they always provide the best solutions. Their commitment and professionalism does not dissapear after the first month of partnership. The latest technologies, high-quality communication, business consulting - that's what you can expect. If you are looking for DevOps, DevSecOps or cloud engineers, look no further - this is the team of high-class specialists that you need."

- Tomasz Wojtkiewicz

CEO, Nextbike Poland

"We have asked sysdogs for help, and they provided efficient, effective infrastructure right on time. The timeframe of this project was very limited, so naturally, we've been looking for experts, with immediate, tested and sure solutions for problems that we knew would occur. During the first meeting, the CTO has presented a few solutions for every issue we have mentioned, and more! We had no need to oversee or be significantly present in the process - the final result is perfectly in line with our requirements and needs, and requires little attention, so we can focus on growing the project with peace of mind. True DevOps magic, delivered by true DevOps magicians. Great cooperation, and understanding of the business. Worth recommending."

- Michał Kurdziel

CTO, StarTerra

"At every moment of our cooperation, our wishes and expectations were met and exceeded by the Sysdogs team. Thanks to their knowledge in the creation of our new cloud infrastructure, we have created a foundation for scalable and secure network applications. A pro-customer approach at every stage of implementation makes cooperation with Sysdogs a real pleasure."

- Tymoteusz Wisniowski

Manager, ROLV Group Sp. z o.o.

"Sysdogs has reduced the delivery time of the applications and has delivered high-quality infrastructures. The team creates solutions that are tailored for the business needs and requirements. Overall, their vast experience in DevOps ensures a successful ongoing partnership."

- Maciej Kurek

CTO, Library X

"Thanks to Sysdogs engagement, the production environment can expect to process four petabytes of data growing by 200-500 GB a day with consistency and productivity. The team has established multiple communication tools to provide progress updates. Their optimal solutions are impressive."

- Maciej Lach

CTO, big xyt

"Sysdogs were recommended to us, and now we know why - they fulfill all your expectations, and go even beyond those. Our time was limited, but for Sysdogs this wasn't a problem, everything was delivered efficiently and on time. Brilliant solutions, quick and spot-on. Dependable people that you can trust with your business. We will recommend them to everyone we can, with pleasure. Unbeatable, true DevOps magicians."

- Simon Rahme

COO, Loop Finance

Why Sydogs was a perfect fit?

We understood, that some solutions may not be fit for the Cloud reality, even though it would be easy to implement them as such. We are extensively experienced both with the Clouds and on-premise environments, therefore we were able to quickly and efficiently provide adequate hybrid solutions, based on the best of both worlds.

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