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Adam Dróżdż

DevOps Team Lead

Białystok, Poland

[email protected]

Big believer in innovative technology. Focused on adoption of DevOps culture, automation and monitoring.

DevOps Team Lead

- January 2021 - Ongoing

DevOps Engineer

  • Configuration managment using SaltStack, Chef.
  • Managing contenerized applications with Kubernetes, Docker.
  • Implementation of logging, tracing and monitoring systems - EFK, Jaeger, Prometheus, Grafana.

DevOps Engineer

  • Adopting Infrastructure as Code using Terraform, Ansible.
  • Implementing logging and monitoring system based on EFK, Prometheus, Grafana.
  • Implementing DDoS prevention system with Cloudflare services and fail2ban.
  • Managing GCP infrastructure.
  • Design and implementation of architecture based on GCP with Kubernetes.
  • Automation of CI/CD process with Drone.
  • Implementing API Gateway and Auth system using Kong and Keycloak.

DevOps Engineer

  • Working with AWS and Kubernetes, Kafka, PostgresSQL to build company's infrastructure and prepare it for scaling.
  • Implementing IaC with Terraform.
  • Migration of services to the cloud infrastructure.

DevOps Engineer

  • Building Infrastructure as Code using Terraform.
  • Breaking monolithic apps to microservices with Docker.
  • Migrating microservices to Kubernetes.

System and network administrator

  • Complete support for many services - OS, network, databases, monitoring, virtualization.
  • Monitoring and maintenance of security environments and policies on Windows and Linux servers.
  • Responsible for core area of the infrastructure - call centre systems.
  • Documenting operational, system and user procedures & guidelines.

Helpdesk Specialist

  • Troubleshooting, analyzing and solving computer problems related to both hardware and software.
  • Implemented automation tools in many environments – AD, Exchange, GPO’s, HR systems.
  • Administration and configuration of keyless access control system.
  • Responsible for integration of Active Directory and HR systems.