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Kamil Zabielski

Chief Executive Officer


Białystok, Poland

[email protected]

Ten years of experience in DevOps/DevSecOps, Cloud infrastructure, and protecting Linux servers. I know your root password. Do not sniff my talks if you do not understand binary.

Chief Executive Officer

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  • Consulting Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment solutions based on Docker infrastructure and various clustering tools, like Kubernetes, Swarm.
  • Consulting application performance problems.
  • Prepairing infrastructure audits, including security considerations and architecture designs.

Cloud Consultant

  • Managing Amazon Web Services infrastructure.
  • Orchestarting infrastructure using Terraform and SaltStack.
  • Deploying and log aggregation services, like: Elasticsearch, Kibana, Filebeat, Logstash.
  • Managing contenerized applications using: DCOS, Mesos, Marathon.
  • Automating all the things, I am able to.

Linux Administrator

  • Writing bash-based and Python utils for automation and simplifying routine tasks.
  • Maintaining local repository, including building, versioning and deploying packages.
  • Installating security updates; operating systems and services hardening.
  • Creating security policies, configuring IDS and IPS. Building Certificate Authority and PKI..
  • Maintaining, creating and developing infrastructure management with Ansible.
  • Providing web application security tests.
  • Part of recruiting team.

IT Systems Administrator

  • Responsible for network infrastructure and solving issues associated with it, including: network devices configuration, maintaining VPN tunnels (IPSec, L2TP, PPTP), DHCP and DNS services.
  • Maintaining various databases: PostgreSQL, MongoDB, OracleDB, Redis and queues systems (RabbitMQ).
  • Configuring and maintaining HTTP servers, like: Apache2, nginx; including security policies, reverse proxies, supporting Python (Django, gunicorn, Celery) based applications.
  • Implementing infrastructure monitoring based on Zabbix.
  • Working on and configuring software creation and deployment software, like: GitLab, Jenkins.
  • Maintaining infrastructure based on ProxmoxVE and OpenVZ containers.
  • Working on various Linux distributions and UNIX based operating systems, for example: RHEL, Debian, CentOS and SmartOS (Solaris-based UNIX OS).
  • Writing bash-based scripts for tasks automation.
  • Deploying virtual-machines using Kickstart.
  • Installing, configuring and maintaining KVM based virtual machines and Joyent containers (Solaris Zones).
  • Part of recruiting team.
  • Working on Dockerized applications (Python/Django mainly).

Systems Engineer

  • Resposible for installing, configuring and maintaining various Linux distributions (CentOS, RHEL, Ubuntu, Debian, Oracle Linux, ...) supporting databases and web applications.
  • Installing, configuring and maintaning Apache web server, including hardering and security policies implementation, supporting databases and websites.
  • Developing, configuring, maintaing backup based on Bacula Software. Creating and implementing backup policies including database copies and full operating systems images.
  • Instructing customers on infrastructure schemes, installed software and creating manual guides on administrative level.
  • Configuring and providing monitoring tools like Zabbix and Graylog2.
  • Implementing and configuring high-availability using tools like keepalived, LVS and various load-balancers, in example: haproxy, nginx.
  • Creating, developing and maintaining clustered environments focused on clustered file-systems like: OCFS2, GlobalFS2, GlusterFS and clustered web services.
  • Providing, configuring and maintaining DNS server based on bind9 including mail - server security policies implementation.
  • Managing database servers - MySQL, mainly -- including cluster solutions.
  • Securing operating systems with granting permissions for various server administrators.
  • Auditing operating systems.
  • Creating and maintaining local package repositories.
  • Managing infrastructure based on Ansible.
  • Woking and configuring VMware ESXi Virtualisation Technologies.
  • Implementing high availability (including service management, shared block device configuration, clustered file systems) based on pacemaker and corosync.

IT Systems Administrator

  • Implementing, configuring and maintaining Asterisk telephony system.
  • Configuring backup and redundancy solutions based on tools like: mdadm, rsync.
  • Maintaining virtual-machines based on KVM hypervisor.
  • Configuring SAMBA based file shares.
  • Working on LXC.
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