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Stanisław Szymański

Systems Engineer, Editor

Gdańsk, Poland

[email protected]

The best fit for my title would be IT Handyman - been there, done that... Now I'm here, working on what I found most interesting - infrastructure, and the clouds.

Sysdogs Engineer

  • DevOps/DevSecOps and System Administration-related work
  • Master stack: Terraform, Ansible, Helm/Helmfile/GitOps tools(ArgoCD/FluxCD)/Kubernetes/Docker, AWS Cloud Services (fe. EC2, ECS/ECR, S3, IAM, RDS and more)
  • Deployment & configuration of logging/APM tools & services: ELK, New Relic, Datadog, Fluentbit, Elastic Beats
  • Acquainted with following operating systems: Linux(Debian/Ubuntu, CentOS/RHEL, Fedora, Mint, Alpine), Windows(95/98/2000/XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10)
  • Maintenance & creation of Docker images, Helm charts, and their respective repositories
  • Maintenance & creation of Ansible roles, playbooks, test creation & validation (Molecule & TestInfra[Python-based])
  • Creating documentation on both processes and resources, infrastructure & applications
  • Cost-optima, cost reduction & solution expense assesment
  • Assistance in scaling infrastructure, enforcing code quality policies, and development tasks

Sysdogs Editor

  • Editorial work, creating articles and write-ups on technical subjects based on own knowledge & experience
  • Proof-reading, error/mistype correction, content validation, formatting cleanup
  • Basic marketing tasks related to editorial work

Own Webhosting Management

  • Assesment of Client needs & requirements, explanation of website development process
  • Deployment of both CMS-based(Wordpress/SMF) and personally written (HTML/PHP5.6/7.2/7.3/CSS/W3.CSS) web applications
  • Management of Linux-based VPS servers, installation, optimization and troubleshooting of web servers (NGINX/Apache), PHP(5.6/7/7.1/7.2/7.3) & MySQL(MongoDB/MariaDB) stacks
  • Providing assistance to clients, when required to migrate existing application, or hand-crafting new application from scratch on demand

Hardware Specialisation

  • Maintenance, troubleshooting & diagnostics of PC, Laptops, Netbooks, Tablets & Mobile phones
  • Extensive experience in Microsoft Windows & related products troubleshooting
  • Performance tuning, hardware and software cleanup, Windows light/de-bloated image tailoring
  • Basic experiences in data recovery - logical malfunctions, mal-parked drive head, accidentally deleted data
  • Consulting on new/used/post-leasing/parts donor device purchases, selecting best value for best price
  • Reclamation of hardware deemed obsolete or too damaged, repurposing trashed devices to adequate needs, reducing costs & ecological impact
  • Basic personal electronics, household electronics, RTV equipment & utility electronic repairs, soldering both traditionally and with hot-air & preheater

Convention Chief Technician

  • Implementing, configuring and maintaining basic network infrastructure for 10-1000 client devices
  • Preparation and renting out hardware to be used during convention accreditation
  • Creation of easy to use, cost-effective attendee accreditation applications
  • Hardware & Software supervision during events
  • Creation, management & hosting of event/convention website both during event and in the gap between events.
  • Management of the technical team,
Amazon Web Services