Cooperation models

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  • Team Extension

    Our qualified system engineers and security analysts can support a specific project, or the entire company. This model fits businesses with small DevOps teams or willing to outsource the DevOps department to a trusted, solid provider.

  • Project-Based Cooperation

    We offer full project take-over from the coordination, project management, deployments, to systems maintenance. Great for small and medium businesses, willing to outsource project management and the operations departments.

  • Consulting & Expertise

    Short-time consultancies focused on the very specific problem that your business is facing and long-term consultancies in a variety of areas. This model is a cheap, effective way to get the best DevOps experience.



We manage cloud-based infrastructure and on-premise infrastructures; We support your team in gaining knowledge, learning best practices and gathering experience through the help of our engineers. We can also help you to optimally leverage container orchestrators, like Kubernetes.


We deliver highly technical trainings. We teach developers, testers, pentesters and auditors, how to build security-focused, container-based solutions in the cloud. Our original highly-technical trainings are based on practical exercises.


We help our Partners understand and address issues in their infrastructure. We audit in white-box and black-box formulas, deliver a broad variety of audits starting with vulnerability assessment, infrastructure pentesting, ending on development and configuration procedures.


We help our customers to choose the best cloud provider basing the pick on their business needs, problems, scaling methodology and financial model.