Terraform Deep Dive

Terraform Deep Dive

Understand Terraform, to simplify providing better infrastructure.


Deeply-technical team training, focused on understanding HashiCorp Terraform - one of the most popular solutions for managing infrastructures in Infrastructure as Code methodology. From the very basics - overview of Terraform key concepts, elements and features, through advanced usage and real-life examples, to extending Terraform by writing own providers and plugins. Crucial infrastructure as code concepts such as declarative/imperative approach, version control and workflows are included.

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Type of training

  • Exclusively on-site
  • 5 intensive days
  • Theory and laboratories

Who should attend

  • Beginner DevOps, Linux administrators
  • Pentesters and Security Auditors
  • Security and Data Analysts, Red/Blue teams

Required knowledge

  • Linux - Great
  • TCP/IP/net - Great
  • Shell/Any programming - Basics


A sample set of laboratories

  • Analyze the code statically and achieve compliance.
  • Write your own Terraform provider.
  • Provisioning multi-cloud infrastructure with modules.
  • Reading and analyzing the Terraform state.
  • Importing existing resources into Terraform.
  • Testing disaster recovery procedures with Terraform.
  • Showing an acyclic graph of resources.
  • A hybrid-cloud deployment.


Training Concept

"Terraform is one of the most popular infrastructure as code tools used nowadays. It gives you the ability to work with code that can be validated, tested and deployed in an automated manner within multiple environments. Working with infrastructure in such a manner improves team collaboration, gives an audit trail of changes and increases predictability of deployments. This training is an opportunity to gain deep technical understanding of Terraform, its internal structures, and to learn how to use this understanding in shaping a better, more efficient, secure infrastructure."

- Kamil Szczygieł

Trainer, CTO, Sysdogs



"At every moment of our cooperation, our wishes and expectations were met and exceeded by the Sysdogs team. Thanks to their knowledge in the creation of our new cloud infrastructure, we have created a foundation for scalable and secure network applications. A pro-customer approach at every stage of implementation makes cooperation with Sysdogs a real pleasure."

- Tymoteusz Wisniowski

Manager, ROLV Group Sp. z o.o.

"Professionalism, partnership and high-quality. We can surely say, Sysdogs is one of the most experienced companies in Poland, when speaking about security, contenerization and Kubernetes. They are deeply integrated in development process, understand the business needs and really automate all the things. Anything in DevOps and DevSecOps areas - only sysdogs!"

- Maciej Gastol

CEO, Going. Sp. z o.o.

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- Maciej Kurek

CTO, Library X

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- Tomasz Wojtkiewicz

CEO, Nextbike Poland

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- Michał Kurdziel

CTO, StarTerra

"sysdogs is not just an another software company which claims to do DevOps. They are a team of enthusiasts with many years of experience in the field of System Administration, Infrastructure, Network and Security that loves what they do. They are real professionals, act as a real partner who is ready to advise and is not afraid of pointing your mistakes. If you have any needs in DevOps area - they should be your first choice!"

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COO, Inspeerity

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COO, Loop Finance

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- Maciej Lach

CTO, big xyt

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