Kubernetes Masters

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Get familiar with Kubernetes thanks to our course prepared in cooperation with Sysdogs - experts in the field of infrastructure based on this orchestrator. Learn the secrets of Kubernetes, how to effectively and efficiently work with container-based environments, what dangers await your clusters ahead, and how to successfully defend them against those threats.

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What is Kubernetes Masters?

Knowledge straight from the experts

Kubernetes Masters is a new training program, that allows you to learn Kubernetes, its intricacies and best practices directly from engineers that design, develop and protect container-based environments on a daily basis.

Created for both beginners and experienced, this course provides a great deal of knowledge, best practices, skills and abilities, that will help you effectively and securely manage clusters, as well as write code that integrates well into environments based on containers.

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Who is Kubernetes Masters for?

People seeking

organized, specific, factual and professional knowledge about DevOps/DevSecOps methodologies, that either freshly started their journey, or want to further develop their career on this path.


who want to simplify their work, expand their skills, and improve the security aspect of their code, build with container environments in mind.

Pentesters, security specialists, tech leads

who want deeper insight into the operation environments they are in charge of, and knowledge that would help to keep the security of those environments top-notch.

Anyone interested

in technical side of the infrastructure based on containers, planning their future career on the path of DevOps or DevSecOps, or just curious about how Kubernetes works inside-out.

What will you learn?

• You'll familiarize with the architecture of environments based on Kubernetes, learn how this differs from virtualization approach, and what makes those two similar; gather condensed knowledge about the architecture, platform and axioms they are ruled by.

• You will learn best practices used in Kubernetes-based environments - from the standpoints of infrastructure security, image security, efficiency and deployment stability.

• You will know, how to approach the security of Kubernetes clusters, both offensively and defensively.

• You will discover a lot of useful, interesting tools that will automate your work in the aspects of security, efficiency and application deployments.



Comprehensive training program

Support from mentors and the community

Life-time access

Satisfaction guarantee

Additional materials

Practical knowledge

Progress verification

Completion certificate


Kamil Zabielski's photo

Kamil Zabielski

Chief Executive Officer

Ten years of experience in DevOps/DevSecOps, Cloud infrastructure, and protecting Linux servers. I know your root password. Do not sniff my talks if you do not understand binary.

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Kamil Szczygieł

Chief Technology Officer

Engineer with over ten years of experience. Responsible for team of operations engineers and the quality of delivered services.


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