Basics of Docker

Basics of Docker

The introduction to proper container workflow.


Dedicated for beginners, the best way to get not only acquainted, but also comfortable, with Docker - the most popular modern container solution on the market. Attendees will learn the fundamental theory, definitions, which problems does it solve and which doesn't, how and when to apply Docker in their work. Hands-on approach is the key here - each course chapter provides precisely tailored practice laboratories, which will allow the participants to personally put their newly acquired knowledge to test, gather precious experience, properly understand and further solidify their new skills.


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  • Type of training

    • Deeply-technical training
    • Hours of technical materials
    • Step-by-step course
  • Who should attend

    • DBAs, Network Engineers
    • DevOps, DevSecOps
    • Developers, Programmers
  • Required knowledge

    • Familiarity with Linux operating systems
    • Understanding of TCP/IP networking
    • Basics of any shell scripting


A sample set of laboratories

  • How to install Docker daemon on Ubuntu?
  • How to name a container?
  • How to stop and start containers?
  • How to pause containers? What are paused containers?
  • How to build an image?
  • How to isolate a container in a network?
  • How to expose host port and forward it to the container?
  • How to use host networking?
  • How to pull and push an image to registry?
  • How to achieve statefulness in the container?
  • How to smoothly upgrade a MySQL database with its state?
  • How to retrieve image history?
  • How to save an image to the `tar` archive?
  • How to inspect an image?
  • How to tag an image?



We deliver high-quality trusted knowledge gained by field experience, gained through years of building systems based on Kubernetes and containers. We solved a lot of problems and pitfalls we want you to avoid, while building and designing your application based on container. This is way more than just one another online-course with tutorial on technology.


Training Concept

"Docker is currently one of the most basic tools you might need when collaborating on any application you develop. Many beginners want to reap the benefits of containers - but cannot afford to learn how to do it properly. Our package has the best of both worlds - price that you just couldn't resist and a large dose of theoretical knowledge paired with experience provided by practical laboratories.. Everything you might need to start your journey."

- Kamil Zabielski

Chief Executive Officer


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